Thursday, 21 May 2020 11:01

Column lifts - where can they be used? What are their advantages?

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Column lifts enable to easily lift very heavy loads. They are used in the transport industry, construction, and various types of services, including mechanical services. Why is it worth purchasing such lifts? What are the most common applications and what should you look for when choosing a lift?


Where are column lifts most commonly used?

 Thanks to the possibilities they offer, column lifts can be found in car repair shops and warehouses. They are especially useful for car mechanics who have their workshop at home or in a small hall where there is no place to build a repair pit. In this case, transmission jacks are also a good solution. They can be used anywhere, also outdoors. Transmission jacks are often used also in production and warehouse halls, where you often have to move containers or large production elements from place to place. They are often equipped with a special platform or gripper, which facilitates the transport of large items. Transmission jacks are useful for unloading heavy goods and moving them to their destination.

Choosing a jack

When choosing a column lift, it is important to pay attention to its quality and the type of materials it is made of. The best manufacturers use modern technologies which not only ensure the quality and reliability of their devices, but also the safety of their use. When browsing the offers of different manufacturers, it is worth checking what is included in the set, as well as what can be purchased additionally. Also, remember to find out whether spare parts for column lifts are available and ask about issues related to servicing the equipment. It is also important how long the warranty period provided by the manufacturer is and whether post-warranty services are available.