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Is it worth investing in shop displays?

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Customers pass by your store, pause for a moment, and move on. Are you wondering why they never go inside? Perhaps it is the fault of a poorly designed display. If you haven’t been concerned about selecting the right mannequins and other decorative items for your shop display, then it is time to change that.



How to properly prepare your store display

Clothing store displays, regardless whether they are chain stores or exclusive boutiques, should be designed to encourage customers to step in. They should first and foremost emphasise the unique nature of the store or the promoted brand. In addition, it is worth preparing a display to match the seasons and current trends in fashion. The display should also be dynamic and lively. One of the most important factors are the mannequins, which should be aesthetically dressed and also have an unusual form. Standard, rigid mannequins are no longer popular. Lightweight mannequins which can be easily set in various positions are the most common nowadays.

Which mannequins will attract your customers?

Mannequins are intended to attract potential customers and encourage them to enter the store. That is why they should have a unique appearance. One example are fibreglass mannequins finished with a non-standard texture which resembles wood. You can choose to have such a finish only on selected parts of the mannequin, e.g. the face or hands. Such mannequins can emphasise the unique character of shops offering exclusive women's clothing, which are to be associated with uniqueness and high quality.

Another innovative solution is the use of mannequins with stickers in the place of facial features. This solution is ideal for displays of clothing stores for children and teenagers, where imagination and creativity are the most important factors.