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Software and applications from Amadil Inc

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The way technology and software companies need to approach marketing is constantly evolving, and it's essential to use tactics that will yield real results. With increasing competition for attention, technology companies are finding it difficult to reach the right people. So, what is a technology company to do?

Marketing in IT companies

There are many ways to conduct effective marketing efforts in IT. Video content as a marketing tool is becoming extremely popular among technology companies. While a consumer may not have time to read a product or company's datasheet, almost anyone will be tempted to watch a fun, engaging two- or three-minute video about a solution that may be of value to them.

While the technology is likely complex, powerful and generally impressive, using video to promote a solution should focus on telling a compelling story. Even moving into the B2B business space, this does not mean that videos should be dry and technical. In fact, you should instead aim to create engaging, entertaining content.

Most IT companies have also been producing infographics for some time. These are an easy, interesting way to present facts and information about a company or industry to potential buyers. Instead of spending time scrolling through a spreadsheet of data about what the product is, what problem it solves and how it works, viewers get a clear picture of it all in less than two minutes. Technology companies are increasingly working with influencers to increase their credibility and reach on social media. As a result, they increasingly rely on trusted or admired individuals to share their experiences with corporate solutions, platforms, products or services. This gives companies an incredible opportunity to leverage influential people in the sector who have already built a loyal fan base and credibility in the industry.

Websites and apps

Both websites and mobile or desktop apps are great marketing tools for an IT company. The goal of a website is to convince visitors to convert by completing a specific call to action, such as buying a product or making an appointment. Mobile apps have notoriously low retention rates, so app developers must always think of creative ways to generate excitement and keep users coming back to the app.

The fact is that users tend to jump between desktops, cell phones and tablets, depending on what they are doing online. Marketers working for an IT company should take an omni-channel approach that allows them to enjoy a seamless brand experience across all devices.

Another interesting difference in user behavior comes from the exposure of ratings and reviews in app stores. An app's rating has a big impact on a user's decision to download it. Most websites do not undergo the kind of scrutiny that apps do. Due to the different format and user behavior of websites and apps, their marketing paths are also quite different.

One of the key strategies for promoting a website is SEO (search engine optimization).  The equivalent of apps for SEO is ASO (app store optimization). With literally millions of apps in the app store, you have to use all available strategies to make a particular app visible, and ASO is one of the main ways to do this.

Another example of different business strategies for websites and apps is monetization. Earning from a site can be done through ads, product purchases, content discovery widgets. Earning from apps is quite different. You can make money on an app by charging a fee for the purchase of an installation, and then implement various monetization strategies, such as incentive advertising purchases and others.

Amadil Inc... marketing and software 

Amadil Inc has a reputation as a full-service marketing and software company for IT. Before discussing technology, it is important to first map user needs and business goals. Product discovery helps companies shape the solution, get all project stakeholders on the same page and prepare a product development plan.

Further action is interactive prototyping for early feedback, visually appealing interfaces and implementing a range of UX techniques to better solve user problems. This all adds up to a great brand experience for customers. It provides end-to-end website development, including backend, frontend and online marketing. It also develops native and cross-platform applications to present the product in the most convenient way for the audience.

Being where the customers are is a basic principle of marketing. Amadil Inc specializes in traditional paid search programs and customizing them for social audiences, using management skills to generate immediate revenue. This allows them to focus on more traditional social interactions, communications and long-term profits. For example, ads on Instagram allow you to leverage Facebook campaigns to reach a younger, more dynamic user base. These commonly owned two platforms share the same advertising infrastructure. Instagram is a strong platform for creating lasting conversations with customers that can be leveraged. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is the best platform for quality over quantity. While it doesn't have the reach of other social media platforms, its targeting capabilities are unparalleled, delivering quality users - provided you run the right marketing campaign!

Help from specialists

Amadil Inc interactive solutions help companies in many possible ways. Frontend programming is the key to satisfying customers, as it is responsible for what they see and interact with. Therefore, an impeccable frontend is a must when developing an application that is visually appealing and highly functional. Amadil Inc team of experienced programmers will develop the best possible backend solutions.

Backend programming focuses on what happens behind the scenes of an application, i.e. on the so-called server side, and is crucial when it comes to ensuring stable application performance. With backend programming services, a company can be sure that the application it orders is secure, reliable and scalable.

If someone wants to build a unified solution that runs on different platforms, and not strain the company's budget, cross-platform development is the best option. Then you don't have to worry about creating separate apps for Android and IOS - thanks to Amadil Inc specialists' cross-platform programming, a company only needs one code base that works for both platforms. The Amadil Inc team has a lot of experience when it comes to cross-platform development.

The duties of Amadil Inc specialists are not just to design and develop a web application, but to add the right set of features to increase traffic to the site. One of the ways to get traffic is to make sure that the website is listed in the top Google search results. Search engines take certain factors into account when ranking a website, and taking these factors into account in a web application is called search engine optimization. A web application that is optimized for search engines loads faster, provides a good experience and is displayed in Google's top search results.

No matter what kind of product a company needs, outsourcing technology and marketing solutions is a good idea, provided you find the right, responsible collaborator!