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Special features and benefits of esignatures from signNow

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Special features and benefits of esignatures from signNow.

Full automation definitely makes businesses better, faster, and easier. Furthermore, it brings happiness, success, and enjoyable working conditions for their owners. And that is the main aim of signNow — the company that is a part of the airSlate Business Cloud and helps companies and individuals with signing and sending documents from any device. Even the most sophisticated esignature workflow can be automated by signNow. The company provides tools for empowering digitalization, elimination of errors, creation of productive teams, and integration of electronic signatures into everyday life.

Why do you need to use signNow?

signNow is a company that provides advanced eSignature solutions. They are highly valuable for expanding the workflow and making management more and more efficient. All the provided tools fasten the working process and help to achieve satisfactory results. Any document can be signed via desktop or mobile phone with a special app. 

The company is proud of its advantages that the clients enjoy, namely:

Understandable service

An intuitive interface will help you to understand what to do from the first minutes. You’ll need to create an account, then all the documents can be uploaded into it. The first signing will be available in a few minutes. The service is user-friendly and no additional training will be needed to cope with it.

Affordable pricing

Here you are not going to suffer from high pricing or hidden costs. signNow is well-known for its transparent payments, absence of overcharges, or extra unexpected costs. There are different subscription plans, so you can choose the one that is preferable and enjoy the pricing policy.

All the needed features in one place

Teams can improve their collaboration via signNow tools. There is a variety of solutions both for offline and remote working conditions. You can make documents visible for those who need to sign them. Thus, everything proceeds in a secure and swift way.

Free one-week trial

The free trial was created for those who want to discover the details and the main features of the service. It lasts seven days and it is enough to feel all the benefits and find the most convenient solution for your company.

High security standards

The signNow processes were created to correspond to the global security standards. Here the security is total and all the documents are safe.

Moreover, there is an option of role-based online documents creation. You can add a signing order and send data to all the recipients in turn. Also, a range of reusable templates may be created based on your documents. That means that you’ll save money and time while working with signing.

More Benefits                                  

The above-mentioned list is only the beginning of what signNow offers. There are many more advantages:

  • In order to have access to the system anywhere and anytime integrate the account via an API. 

  • Organize documents in groups and send them to the recipients automatically, choosing the order.

  • Share documents via an invitation link if the email address of the recipient is unknown.

  • To save your time create templates for the same documents that are used again and again. You can add customizable fillable fields and make documents for signing in a few minutes.

  • Create teams inside the system and work together with the same documents.

  • Add branding and logo data near to the signature and provide promotion for your company.

  • Enjoy the protection and security measures taken to keep your data safe.

Adding a Signature with signNow

No matter where you are or what device you have in your hands, with signNow you are able to add legally your electronic signature anywhere and anytime. First, you have to open your account or log in with a login and password to the existing one.

The working process starts in your Profile. Here all the personal information is added and updated. You can find here also previously created signatures and initials as well as stamps. Moreover, you can turn on the email notifications to be informed about news connected with the signing process.

If your task is to sign a new document, the algorithm is quite easy:

  1. Select an upload button at the top of the screen. After clicking on it you’ll be able to add any document from the device.

  2. Find on the left-hand panel the Edit & Sign toolbar after scrolling down. A special section for these tools also exists in the mobile application.

  3. Press My Signature button. Here you can create a new one or use previously saved signatures.

The menu will appear where you can type the needed signature, create a draw, or upload an existing image from the device. For a typing option, different styles may be used, so you can select the one that looks the most suitable.

  • You can also add initials if necessary, pressing the corresponding button.

  • As a next step, you may add a stamp from your collection.

  • The proper date of signing will appear after pushing the ‘Date’ button.

  • The process will stop after saving the data and closing the bar.

Furthermore, you can look inside the ‘More’ menu to send the existing document for signing, download samples or get copies, create archives and templates.

Altogether, with signNow you’ll discover the easiest and fastest way to sign documents. The service saves your precious time and makes the signing process always available anywhere and anytime.

Even the first experience of signNow will show you all the benefits. So do not hesitate to try it.