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Types of Web Hosting you need to know about

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Web Hosting is a service that every website requires to be online. This service provides the necessary resources that will help maintain the website and keep it available to the whole internet. It's a small hosting space allocated to your website's domain name.

Many different companies provide web hosting services, and similarly, there are different types of web hosting services. So, here we will take you through the best 6 different types of web hosting.

Types of web hosting to know about

Below are some major types.

1. Shared

The shared web hosting type focuses on sharing hardware which makes it cost-effective. It is the most basic type of hosting service, and it is good for small websites. It works well for them because those websites do not need a lot of server resources.

2. VPS

Do not get VPS confused with VPN because VPS means Virtual Private Server, which is for hosting, while VPN means Virtual Private Network, which is for staying private and hidden on the internet. Learn about this difference at

VPS brings shared hardware resources, but those are made private using the VPS configurations. So, VPS makes this experience dedicated for you while the backend resources are never dedicated. You can also get more resources and better performance here. It is what makes it a good choice for medium size websites.

3. WordPress

WordPress hosting is the hosting type that is specially made for WordPress websites. It comes with features and services to enhance the experience and performance of WordPress websites, making them more secure and fast.

4. Cloud

Cloud hosting takes VPS hosting to the next level in terms of experience and reduces the cost. It comes with many features, but the best here is scalability. Cloud hosting also provides better uptime and fluid performance. These things make it a good choice for large and medium websites.

5. Dedicated

If you do not have any money issues and your website needs the best-in-class hardware resources, you need to go for dedicated hosting. It is the best choice for websites that need the best performance and higher uptimes.

When you get dedicated hosting, you get complete control over server resources, so security and everything else depends on you. Dedicated hosting is best for over one hundred thousand monthly visits or more websites.

6. Reseller

Reseller web hosting is not like typical web hosting services. It is made for websites that sell hosting services to other websites. Here anyone can buy services at a wholesale rate and upsell them. So, it is a good choice for agencies.

The right way to choose your web hosting company

Choosing a web hosting company is important because a little mistake can ruin your experience. Many companies offer the same services today. However, the value for money and their experience with their services matter the most. So, here is how you can select the best option for you:

  • Always start with listing all the requirements of your website and comparing them with the services that the provider provides
  • Check for all the primary and secondary features the web hosting company is providing
  • Make sure to understand the refund policy
  • Pay attention to the server uptime, performance, and reliability guarantees
  • Compare what different companies are offering and read their reviews on different platforms
  • Flexibility and scalability are the last things that you need to check

Keeping track of these things will be more than enough to select a web hosting company. Doing so will provide you with the best value for your money and the best experience of those services.

Final Verdict

Selecting the right company for your web hosting needs is as important as selecting the right type of web hosting services. So, you must consider every requirement before making your final decision. In this way, you will be able to satisfy all your and your website's requirements in the best manner.