Friday, 20 February 2015 15:02

Class and elegance from BoConcept

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An atmospheric interior. Harmonious composition of individual furniture and wall colors. From the moment you enter the room it’s clear that the person who designed this interior, is good at their job and pays attention to details. This interior is the setting of a drama between two people. But this is no ordinary movie.

BoConcept is a Danish company that produces interior furnishing, it has been operating in the market for more than sixty years. Years of experience and attention to customer satisfaction and sophisticated tastes have made it one of the luxury brands of furniture companies

BoConcept furniture does not consist of ordinary objects that are just clogged by anything. This is carefully refined furnishing, creating a scene for many a story that will happen in your life. Modern design combined with elegance, these are the distinguishing features of the company's products.

An example of an arrangement can be admired in the BoConcept spot which Mads Mikkelsen took part in – the Danish actor, known to the wider audience as Le Chiffre from "Casino Royale" and the main character from the TV series "HANNIBAL". Excellent acting in an emotional scene, in which the background consists of BoConcept furniture - this is the recipe for an original way to showcase your products.

Do you want to feel as luxurious as actors living in Valencia? Click on the video and find out how to win stylish furniture from BoConcept.