Friday, 15 May 2015 18:26

New Studies Show JeNu Makes Skin Care Products Work Better & Faster

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A new study now proves that the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System makes any skin care product work better and faster while also increasing satisfaction of your existing skin care regimen.

In a study conducted by independent research group The Benchmarking Co. where 160 women from diverse backgrounds between the ages of 30 and 67 tried the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser with 200+ skin care products from over 80 brands, 9 out of 10 women reported that the system made the products they were already using work better, while 8 out of 10 women reported they couldn't believe how much faster they saw results with JeNu when compared to traditional application. JeNu also commissioned a new series of tests that prove the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser triples the strength of your current skin care regimen. The testing consisted of 90 individual clinical lab tests on a group of 30 women between the ages of 23 and 57 with independent research lab, IRSI and 2 pre-clinical lab tests studying the effect of using JeNu with Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Palmitate. Results showed that JeNu, a unique product delivery skin care device, on average tripled absorption of cosmetic skin care products, helping to increase their efficacy.

For beauty products to truly work, active ingredients need to be absorbed into the skin, not just rest on top. But when lotions, creams, and serums are applied with just fingers, much of the product evaporates or wipes off before it can ever be absorbed into the skin. By using the power of ultrasound energy, the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System pushes your favorite products into your skin to make them work better and faster.

The two-piece system works by using a sleek hand-held wand together with a proprietary MicroSphere Conducting Gel to maximize product absorption. First, apply your favorite products to your skin as normal. Next, top the wand with a pearl-sized amount of the Conducting Gel. Then, turn on the wand and massage it over the area in circular motions until the wand shuts off automatically after a minute. The wand sends 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second through the conducting gel, giving those vital complexes the ultrasonic push it needs to be more effective.

Key findings from all the independent studies show that:

9 out of 10 women said that the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System made their existing products work better
8 out of 10 women said that they felt more confident after adding JeNu to their beauty regimen
8 out of 10 women said they couldn't believe how much faster they saw results when they added JeNu
2 times as many women stated that they were satisfied with their appearance after adding JeNu
Product absorption increased by a range of 77% to an incredible 1,200% in just one minute
"I reviewed the scientific studies about JeNu and was very impressed," said Dr. Sonia Batra, JeNu's Medical Advisor and a leading Los Angeles dermatologist that is regularly featured on The Doctors. "I found that when JeNu was used with two leading anti-aging formulas, the look of fine lines and wrinkles were diminished significantly faster and better."

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser $249
JeNu MicroSphere Conducting Gel (60 day supply) $28