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The best streaming providers for sports fans in Germany

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As with films and series, streaming providers are also becoming increasingly popular in the sports sector and are pushing more and more onto the market.

Whether tennis, Formula 1, cycling, boxing, winter sports or football, there is a suitable offer for every sports fan.

Football in particular attracts the most people, whether Bundesliga, Champions or Premiere League. Football fans benefit especially from Sky, which was number one with its subscription for a long time. But slowly Sky is getting more and more competition and in the meantime Sky no longer has the sole league rights. When choosing a streaming service, you also have to consider which sports you prefer. And last but not least, the price also plays a major role, ranging from low to high prices.


In addition to football, tennis also has a large fan community. Eurosport is a good choice here. Whether it's today's tennis games or cycling and winter sports, whether it's ski jumping, alpine skiing, biathlon or the Four Hills Tournament of the ski jumpers, the offer at Eurosport is varied and extensive. The absolute plus point here is the very reasonable price.

Sky and DAZN

If you are a really big football fan, there is no getting around Sky and DAZN. Here you will find a wide range of all the games in professional football. Because the licences are no longer held by one provider alone, you would have to book a subscription with both streaming services. The big disadvantage here is the high price, but Formula 1 is also included in this offer and could therefore be worthwhile again.

The typical US sports are also becoming increasingly popular in this country. Be it baseball, basketball or football. Sky broadcasts the ice hockey league and golf, but that's about it. Here, too, DAZN stands out. If you want to save money, you can opt for the annual subscription, or if you are a football and Formula 1 fan at the same time, you can benefit twice.

The streaming service of wrestling sports

If you like wrestling, you don't have many options here, because the US wrestling league has its own wrestling streaming service. The good news, however, is that this is also available in Germany. Not only are all live events shown there, but also documentaries, reality shows and original series.

However, it is not yet possible to estimate whether the service will continue to be available. In the USA, the service now runs via Peacock, which can be accessed in Germany via Sky.


Magentasport belongs to the German Telekom group and not only offers a very broad sports programme, but also manages to offer it at a low price and very good conditions. For only 16.95 euros without a contract term and a Telekom contract, you can enjoy all the games of the German ice hockey league, the German basketball teams, the third Bundesliga and also women's football.


It is truly difficult to find the right offer for you. In conclusion, Sky and DAZN are still number one, but they are the most expensive. The annual subscription always offers savings potential.

Magenta is not really for the masses, but it stands out because of its very reasonable price. The same goes for Eurosport, which also offers good value for money, especially if you don't like football but are a fan of tennis, cycling and winter sports.

Should the WWE also be available in Germany via Peacock, this would be another argument for choosing Sky.

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