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Jeep® Owners Group: the big Jeep family is winning over the EMEA region

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A passion that knows no geographical borders, that is able to overcome every obstacle to enter the legendary world of the Jeep brand: this is the sentiment that for over 70 years has united those who love Jeep off-roaders, an international community that shares strong and genuine values.

The Jeep® Owners Group (JOG) was created for them; it is the only official group managed by the brand, and is already active in 9 European countries: Italy, the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the course of next year, the project is due to be rolled out to other EMEA markets such as Morocco, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden.


One of the project's objectives is to enable all those who own or dream of possessing a Jeep vehicle to officially be part of a big and unique global family, so that from "simple" enthusiasts and new owners they become true brand ambassadors.

The basis for the success of the JOG project lies directly in the passion for the "seven slot" brand, from a love born of the shared values of adventure, authenticity, freedom and passion. Here lies the strength of a brand that has seduced both fans of extreme off-roading and those looking for a refined elegance, offering the ability to travel anywhere, with no compromise on comfort.

The Jeep Owners Group brings together people of different nationalities and ages, offering them the opportunity to exchange 4x4 driving adventures and stories, travel experiences, ideas for new trips and on- and off-road driving dreams.


On joining the JOG community, members receive a personalised membership card that gives them direct access to a series of exclusive benefits and other gadgets included in the welcome package. These include, for example, a dedicated line of products such as clothing and merchandise available online or during official events. The main official event is "Camp Jeep", the international gathering which this year took place from 12 to 14 September at the Riserva Oppici in Parma. The first official Jeep Owners Group event saw the participation of around 1000 people with over 220 vehicles from 21 different countries, the perfect demonstration of the strong sense of belonging shared by inhabitants of the Jeep world.


Members of the Jeep Owners Group can also enjoy "7", the official magazine bursting with Jeep spirit, as well as browsing their dedicated website, get in touch with other owners and fans of the brand, as well as benefitting from discounts and offers on accessories and spare parts and on the purchase of a new Jeep vehicle.


Members can also participate in "hangouts", a series of video-chats streamed live on the Jeep Owners Group website that bring together Jeepers with some of the brand's very own employees. Engineers, designers, product managers and more are available to answer the questions of members who connect to the video-chat. For each hangout, members can send their questions in advance by posting them on the JOG social media channels or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or they can type them during the online event.


The first "hangout" will take place at 12 pm on 18 December 2014 and will feature Chris Ellis, Head of Jeep Brand for the EMEA region. Discussion topics will include Ellis's experience with the brand, the direction taken by Jeep in 2014 and its plans for the future, and finally the Jeep® Owners Group.


There are several ways of joining the Jeep Owners Group. When purchasing a new Jeep vehicle, customers will automatically be pre-registered with the JOG: new owners will receive a welcome pack at their home address; if they wish to join, they just need to complete their registration on the dedicated website to enjoy a host of exclusive benefits. Customers who already own a Jeep vehicle can request membership to the Club as an Owner on the website. The JOG is also open to fans of the brand who do not own a Jeep vehicle and can join as enthusiasts. All these registration options will be free of charge until 31 March 2015. Finally, past and present owners of three or more Jeep vehicles are entitled to a free lifetime membership in the Jeep Owners Group with full benefits.


Local Jeep Club can become officially affiliated with the JOG by registering its members: in this way, the association becomes an official member of the Jeep Owners Group Club Network. All members of the registered club will enjoy the full JOG benefits.


The Jeep Owners Group is also present on the major social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube - with dedicated channels for users to receive information, updates and exclusive content, as well as interacting with the other members of the Community.