Saturday, 09 February 2019 14:11

The phone which gives free time

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Stop for a moment and think about how you life looks now. Do you feel that you’re losing time and all that you wish for is an extra two hours of sleep each day or a bit more time to spend with your family? Maybe if you had an extra hand, you would perform your daily tasks 30% faster. Does it seem impossible? It isn’t.

Motorola is keeping up with the pace of your life and found a way to stretch the length of each day. Think of how many hours a day you spend with your phone. Conversations with clients won’t conduct themselves, your e-mail account won’t check itself, and posts on Facebook won’t publish themselves. Holding the phone in your hand, you can’t do anything else. You can’t prepare dinner, hang the laundry, park your car or finish an important project on your laptop. That was how it used to be. Now everything is possible.

Motorola now offers you a smartphone, which is impressive not only because of its innovative design (curved metal casing), the best Android and a vivid HD screen, but also hands-free operation. Do you want to turn down the volume of your ringing phone without lifting it off the table? You can do it with a quick hand gesture command. You want to call someone while you have both hands busy? No problem - just use the power of your own voice. Motorola will adapt to any situation.

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