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Canvas prints - decorate your apartment in an original way

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When decorating interiors, people are increasingly often looking for unique solutions that will give their rooms an interesting and original appearance, while emphasising their character. You can choose a pattern that perfectly matches your interior and corresponds to your taste.

Canvas prints - what to choose?


Companies offering canvas prints provide many options for their customers. The first step is to choose a theme that will perfectly match the apartment. You can find virtually anything you want in the photo collection on the website. Some companies also offer the option to upload and later print your own photo on the canvas, for example from a holiday in an exotic country. There is only one condition - the picture must be taken in the right resolution and be of good quality (sharp and without grain).

Next, you can decide whether the image is to be printed on one piece of canvas or a few, together forming a collage. In this way, you can prepare a city skyline or a plant motif with blossoming flowers. Each part of the print can be of the same size or in several different sizes, which make the finished image even more interesting.

When ordering a canvas print, you can also specify the size of the image or its parts. Thanks to this, the same theme can be used in both large and small spaces. Printmakers typically provide clients with the ability to choose the quality of the material to be printed, as well as the type of ink used (usually high-quality odourless and environmentally safe printing inks). Finally, an essential element of the order is the picture frame. You can choose frames of different thicknesses, depending on which decorative effect you want to achieve.

Apart from the aforementioned elements, you can also select additional options such as a special overprint that protects the image from direct sunlight (and thus from fading over time).