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The Female Body Dynamics and Anabolic Steroids

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Very few of the anabolic steroids out there work well for women. This is because the risk of side effects is great and often not worth the value they deliver. Yet this isn’t always a deterrent, but females need to learn the pros and cons before they dive in with using them Sometimes, the side effects can be permanent if they continue to use steroids or take them in high doses.

Good Options to Consider

There are some options that are better than others for a female interested in such benefits. They may be interested in burning body fat or gaining muscle. They may be after endurance and energy. One option could be to forgo anabolic steroids completely and use SARMs. They tend to offer similar benefits but not be as harsh on the body, especially on the female body.

The reason anabolic steroids are tougher on women than on males is due to the amount of testosterone they create in the body. While women have some in their bodies naturally, the biggest hormone for them is estrogen. When there is too much testosterone, it can upset the balance of hormones for them. In the past, various anabolic steroids were used to treat breast cancer in women. However, that is no longer the case because there are better options to day with fewer side effects.

Burn Body Fat

It is hard for anyone to burn body fat ( ), and the less you have, the harder it gets. This is becaue the body naturally is going to hold on to those reserves. It does so in the event you ever need to rely on it to survive. It is the last element it will use when there is nothing left for it to use for fuel. That is why in a cutting cycle, users of anabolic steroids use them to trick the body into burning fat rather than using muscle when the calories are restricted.

It is significantly harder for women to burn body fat compared to men. This is because of the makeup of their bodies and differences in overall chemistry. It is a myth that women don’t work as hard in the gym or pay close attention to a diet in order to burn the fat. This can be frustrating, and it is often a reason why many women add anabolic steroids to their routine. They need that boost to help them remove the stubborn body fat.

Gain Muscle and Firm Up

There are exceptions, but the majority of women who lift weights and workout don’t want to bulk up. They aren’t using anabolic steroids to help them get ripped. Instead, they use them to help them get stronger, to have more muscle, and to have a stronger core. They use them to firm up and help them get toned. It can cause low self-esteem when there is extra flap on the arms, legs, or the stomach regions. The use of steroids can help them to make those areas tighter than before.

Endurance and Energy

Women push themselves and their bodies to the limit just like men. They want to be fit, they want to be faster, and they want to have changes to their body. They are using steroids to help with endurance and energy. They know there is no way they can continue to push so hard if they aren’t full of energy and ready to take on the challenges the workouts offer.

Low Dose

Women can gain benefits from the use of anabolic steroids, but they need to do so with a low dose and for a short cycle. It is very important to learn the ins and outs of a given product before using it. This ensures the woman is well aware of what her body can gain but also the potential risks involved. Starting with the lowest possible dose is very important. It allows a person to see how their own body reacts to it. Women need far less of a dose than males in order to gain value from anabolic steroids.

Short Cycle

The typical cycle for an anabolic steroid is going to be several weeks shorter for women than for males. It isn’t wise for a woman to take it any longer than recommended. Doing so can increase the risk of side effects. Typically, there is a plateau where the body is no longer going to gain value from taking anabolic steroids any longer. Doing so doesn’t deliver any additional benefits so don’t be tempted to do so.


One of the dangers for both men and women from steroids is elevated enzymes in the liver. It is important to test the liver prior to taking such substances. Women with liver problems shouldn’t take them. The liver should be tested again every few weeks of the cycle. Should it appear the enzymes are elevated, don’t ignore the warning signs. This is an indicator the anabolic steroids should be reduced in dose or they should be terminated.

If the issue continues, the liver can be permanently damaged. It isn’t work the value of gains for any woman if the liver suffers from the use of steroids and can’t recover. This can lead to a long list of future health problems that could have been avoided.

Deepening of the Voice

Due to the testosterone in anabolic steroids, women have to be careful about it changing their voice. This is called virilization and it can be permanent. The voice starts to change to what a man would sound like. When a substantial amount of anabolic steroids are used over time, a woman may even develop what is referred to as the Adam’s Apple.

Unwanted Body Hair

Women using steroid are at risk of developing unwanted body hair. It can be on the face and hard to get rid of. For women with dark colored hair, it can be more evident than for those with a lighter color. This can be temporary if the steroids are only used for a short length of time.

Enlarged Clitoris

One of the permanent side effects a woman may experience is the enlargement of the clitoris. This can make it harder for her to enjoy sexual activity or to reach climax. It can also make a woman self-conscious. This is a side effect that can be temporary or permanent, depending on what is taken and for how long. Many women find steroids can lower their libido and there is some evidence that it can make it harder to get pregnant later on. Many women find it will alter their menstrual cycle or even cause it to stop for a period of time.

Is it Worth it?

Finding the balance with anabolic steroids can be challenging for women. On one hand, they can offer value and help them achieve goals such as reducing stubborn body fat and getting stronger. Paying close attention to the body and also keeping the dose low can decrease the risk of side effects.

It can also make the difference between those side effects being temporary or permanent. Women have to decide if they feel it is worth it, and if they do, be very selective about what they use and where they purchase it. The quality of anabolic steroids will vary from one provider to the next.