Friday, 08 February 2019 17:27

An exciting game for mobile phones that connects people

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Imagine people sitting next to each other or in two different places, who are staring at the screens of their phones and are captivated by a game. Maybe it’s exciting, but only for a moment. A much better idea would be for them to play against each other on their smartphones, experience positive emotions together, share joy, motivate one other, and sometimes also experience defeat together.

Monster Strike gives you just that. It’s a game created to connect people. It’s a way to not only enjoy an addictive and exciting game, but also to spend time together.
The most important aspect is the possibility to compete in real life, which isn’t the norm nowadays. Most of us play games alone or just seemingly with someone. Monster Strike is a completely different game. It really brings people together.


A few words about Monster Strike
You haven’t heard about this game yet? Be sure to watch the attached video, where you can see your team of monsters, the main characters of the game. A fire-breathing dragon, a disgusting squid, a frog that’s always causing problems, a woman with knives on her back, an extremely dangerous crab – this is your team. Check out what powers they have, their strength and their speed. Monster Strike is a very dynamic and fast-paced game. Invite friends and family to sit down together, earn points and complete subsequent levels of the game.