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Monday, 12 September 2016 12:22

Namiki The Chinkin Collection

Pilot is pleased to introduce the new Yukari Chinkin Pine Tree, Crane, Cherry Blossoms and Silver Grass. The Chinkin technique brings unsurpassed lifelike beauty, exquisite detail, and vibrant energy to the rich black lacquered surfaces of the new Namiki Yukari Chinkin Collection.

The Namiki Chinkin artisan*s dedication to meticulous perfection is evident in the expressive nature-inspired designs of the Matsu (Pine Tree), Tsuru (Crane), Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) and Susuki (Silver Grass) motifs that are intricately carved and brought to life through the Chinkin technique. Enrich your fountain pen collection with these four luxurious new distinctive designs, each complemented with a choice of fine, medium or broad 18-karat, rhodium adorned gold nibs which bears the Namiki logo as well as an engraving of the highest, most majestic mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji. Cartridge/converter fill; converter is included.


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