Tuesday, 16 May 2023 17:19

Why you should start a business podcast yourself

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The impressive triumph of podcasts began around 2017. Since then, more and more people can be found enthusiastically talking about their new, own podcast - almost more people seem to be running a podcast than those who don't have one yet.

However, it is by no means only private individuals who can benefit from having their own podcast, but also companies. Thus today already some - above all small and medium-size - enterprises are to be found, which already know around the large advantages, which proceeds from a business Podcast as effective marketing Tool.

The implementation of a business podcast does not even involve too much effort. Nevertheless, listeners are inspired by the words of the podcast. Thus, some of them even develop the desire to drive change in their lives - for which they can then use the products and services of the respective company, for example.

But which arguments in favor of a business podcast are actually most convincing? The following article names them.

Popularity of podcasts increases continuously

Surveys in the past have already shown that free on-demand programs are now regularly consumed by every third person in Germany.

Above all, if the own Business is characterised by an above average high Customer Value, the marketing and the switching of the own expert knowledge could profit from the strong tool business Podcast substantially. It is basically independent of the industry in question - whether real estate, service, lawyer or coach.

Reach a higher number of valuable customers

Entrepreneurs whose absolute passion is imparting knowledge and explaining their own business model would probably like to devote themselves exclusively to one-to-one conversations - however, there is usually not enough time for this in their everyday business life.

However, the podcast is the perfect tool when it comes to reaching an extremely large number of people at the same time. Not to be neglected in this connection is also that it is completely left to the potential customers themselves, at which time they would like to hear the Podcast.

It should also be emphasized that one's own positioning as an expert is effectively strengthened by a successful business podcast. For listeners, one's own company can thus become a highly valued source of information. Over time, an essential basis is created in this way, which significantly supports the acquisition of new customers - and that consists of a high level of credibility.

Attract customers of high quality

Every company wants its customers to be completely satisfied and loyal. If the goal is to retain customers, your own business podcast plays a non-negligible role. Besides, it increases the customer lifetime value of the business at the same time.

The largest percentage of customers is highly unlikely to come across the company's offering because of the podcast - but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy using it as a source of valuable information. Video formats are already considered officially superseded by podcasts in this area.

Even if customers aren't trembling with excitement in front of their smartphones awaiting the release of a new episode, the majority of them still listen in every now and then, creating a valuable opportunity to establish close and long-term customer relationships.