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Furniture that is easy to renovate

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Furniture from German showrooms is often very cheap. Their advantage is also a unique look. They stand out from the mass production available in stores.

Many of them are furniture that has never been offered in our country, so the purchase is a very good idea. Unfortunately, sometimes the condition of such furniture is not ideal. However, it is very easy to renew them.

Replacement of elements

In furniture that is already many years old, the furniture accessories may no longer be in perfect condition. It is therefore wise to replace them. Buying furniture accessories is not much of a problem. There are various furniture hinges and drawer runners available. Sometimes it is also worth replacing the drawer or cabinet handles, but this is not a general rule. It is not a general rule, however, to keep handles that are whole and nice.

Drawer Slides - Furnica

Checking the condition

There may be damage to an old piece of furniture. Some elements, such as drawers, may be disassembled. Therefore, it is worth looking at the piece of furniture and searching for parts that can be repaired. Gluing together disheveled pieces or replacing damaged ones is not much of a problem. Of course, you need to make repairs in every part of the furniture, not just the parts that are visible from the outside or affect use.


Not every piece of furniture on display needs to be refinished or painted. Sometimes only certain parts need to be painted. There are also times when nothing needs to be painted, and the not-quite-perfect surfaces of the furniture just look very nice. Looking at them, it is immediately obvious that we are dealing with a piece of furniture from years ago, and not stylized to look old. In any case, however, it is necessary to refresh the furniture. At first, it is worth washing it thoroughly, then dry it and dry it. It is also advisable to protect wooden elements with a special preparation. The easiest way is simply to use wax for furniture, but you can also do something unusual. Many people use the trick of cleaning the furniture with wax polish for car bodies. This is a good method, thanks to which the furniture will gain a new look, and small scratches and traces of use will disappear from its painted surfaces. It will become more resistant to new scratches.

It is also advisable to use preparations for the inner parts of the furniture. When choosing a preservative with which we will paint, for example, the inner parts of the drawers, do not forget that this is a piece of furniture for everyday use and will store items with which we will come into contact on a daily basis. Therefore, agents used for painting or maintenance should not be toxic.

So prepared furniture from the exhibition, will serve for years and look exemplary.