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Isotonic drinks - proper hydration is the key to good regeneration

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Athletes belong to the group of people who carry out a very large number of tiring workouts. Such an approach is admirable - they need to have everything ready to the last button in order not to damage their health.

One of the most important, if not the most important point they have to take care of is proper hydration of their body. They lose a lot of mineral salts, vitamins and carbohydrates during hard workouts. These components are a very important part of most metabolic processes, which is why their proper level is so necessary.

Types and Functions of Isotonic Liquids

Athletes lose water and minerals in the process of cooling down their bodies - that is, simply by sweating. Therefore, it is very important to quickly replenish the deficiency of these components. Athletes performing endurance sports are most susceptible to such situations. Examples are cyclists, footballers, runners or athletes. See Crossthelimits.

On store shelves you can find:

  • isotonic liquids in powder; they are used to dissolve in water and provide in a few seconds access to all the most necessary ingredients. They are very economical and quite cheap, so everyone can afford them
  • Isotonic liquids in a bottle; much more convenient, tasty and available immediately in virtually any store. The minus is the price, because they are much more expensive and less economical than powdered isotonic drinks.

Regardless of the form, isotonic drinks contain in their composition complexes of vitamins, mainly from the B group providing mental clarity and support for the nervous system. You will also find antioxidant vitamins such as A and C. Minerals always include a large dose of calcium involved in muscle contraction, potassium and sodium regulating water-electrolyte balance and of course magnesium protecting against cramps. Carbohydrates in the form of glucose are often present as an addition.


Such drinks are difficult to overdose. However, more or less, you should dissolve about 15-20ml of powder in a glass of water and stir well, and then enjoy the prepared drink.