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Maintenance of a Wooden House: What You Need to Know?

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comfort and charm of a log home, then you need to maintain it regularly.


Wood is a natural material that needs proper maintenance from time to time. Regular maintenance will keep your home or log cabin in top shape and increase its value too.

Today we are going to share some tips that can help keep your timber home looking its best!

Protect house from sun damage

Hot summer days mean more sun damage to your wooden house, which can further decrease its beauty and structural integrity. The sun rays can make the wooden walls dry and soft; therefore, the timber becomes more susceptible to sun damage.

So, it is very crucial to protect the log home from the harsh sun rays. For this, you need to sand down the old paint layer and should apply new stain or varnish that comes with UV ray protection.

You can also consider lamination to protect the log cabin from sun damage. The insulated log cabins will last longer and offer great living to your family members.

Keep Pests out of reach from wooden home

Pests, bugs, and mold are the common problems of a log cabin or wooden homes. If not treated well, over time, the pets make holes on logs and weaken your property. Also mold and mildew can cause many health issues to people who live in a wooden home.

So, you will need to use pest repellent, fungicide, or pesticide regularly to keep bugs and insects away from your beautiful log house. Also, there are stains that you can apply on the walls of your log house to protect it from pests.

Fresh paint or water sealant for humidity

Excessive moisture or humidity can cause logs to become soft and rot. And, these soft logs can welcome many more issues like bugs, insects, mold, and mildew, which can decrease the health of the wooden house.

By getting rid of humidity, you can increase the life as well as the beauty of your home. Consider applying a coat of fresh paint to protect the wooden walls from moisture. It helps seal the gaps in the wood where water could seep during the rainy season.

Further, you can use natural wood sealant to save your wood structure from moisture. Also, the sealant gets dried out faster as compared to paint.

Choosing the correct stain or paint

You may face difficulty in deciding which paint or stain to choose for your log house. Well, you need to select paint or stain which can protect your logs from rain, humidity, sun rays, and snow damage.

Further, choose the wood stain according to the desired wood texture. If you want to color your exterior, then choose stain accordingly. But again, make sure it is a pest repellant.

Scheduled maintenance is a must

Now, you have come to know that if you want to maintain your wooden home's beauty and health, then regular maintenance is a must. So, schedule logs home maintenance one or two times a year to ensure your log house's good strength and structural integrity.

Final Words

Having a wooden home is really an amazing feeling and is like a dream come true. But, to keep it healthy and beautiful, you will need to maintain it regularly. Take help from the above-mentioned wooden home maintenance tips.