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Custom Golf Clubs - The Way To Go

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In the event that you really want to obtain the most out-of your golf game and enjoy the game up to possible, custom golf clubs are your best option. The downside of getting custom fitted and custom made groups is clearly the cost. Credit Union Michigan includes additional info about the inner workings of this viewpoint.

Nevertheless, I have talked to qualified custom club makers who state that they could get yourself a golfer into a high quality set for about the cost of an off-the-shelf set from the top club dealers like Calloway or Titleist, for example. These clubs won’t carry the leading brand names obviously, but they are stated in the same factories as those of the top brand name clubs, on the same equipment and to the same quality standards. For some ten irons with steel shafts, this can de performed for about $800 or so, depending on the particular components selected. Obviously each custom club maker sets their own costs so these figures may differ greatly. You should consult with an avowed club producer to find out what the precise cost will be for your group of custom golf equipment. A site URL to identify a qualified custom club fitter/maker towards you will soon be stated at the conclusion of this report.

What Does a Custom Club Fitting Consist Of?

Hitting a few balls with a number of different clubs from an organization truck at a driving range is not a real custom fitting. You can find a feel for what clubs with different shafts, loads, rest aspects, etc., feel like, but thats about it. Many custom team makers could have a procedure that resembles the following:

- Interview and existing equipment research

- Measurement of move speeds with driver and 5 iron and measurement of start perspectives

- Measurement of height and wrist to floor length

- Swing Analysis to determine optimum shaft weight and fold, move weight and/or optimum MOI (there are actually a few moments of inertia to become considered in the process)

- related membership and Determine specific shafts heads

- Determine collection make-up, driver loft, loft and lie position of irons, loft and bounce aspects of wedges, appropriate grips

- Build clubs and make ultimate loft and lie changes.

Some club manufacturers may create a prototype club for your player to experience before making final decisions.

Groups Perfect For You

If you get out and spend a great deal of money on some brand-name off-the-shelf golf clubs, you truly don't know if these clubs can fit you properly or fit your game. These were undoubtedly designed for some hypothetical average golfer of average size and power. Is that you? Odds are about 10 to 1 it isn't. The only way to be certain about this is to have custom golf clubs built for you, and more and more golfers are recovering results and recognizing this. An excellent source to locate a certified club maker towards you could be the internet site of Tom Wishon, noted club maker and writer. On his site at is a list of qualified membership makers he professionally proposes, in addition to a link for the website of the PCS (Professional Clubmakers Society) which has a list of its members.