Thursday, 22 January 2015 16:42

High-tech skate parks Hoverboard

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Right up front, we’ll admit that our plans are big—and our dreams, bigger. Because we’re developing something that is truly, manifestly . . . revolutionary. Seeing things from an outsider’s perspective, and thinking differently in general, is a definitional aspect of Arx Pax and its Hendo hovering technologies. Which brings us to our founder, Greg Henderson, what he saw and what he sees.

Greg envisioned a way to employ an unexploited technology in ways others had not. He labelled this epiphany: Magnetic Field Architecture™ (MFA). Then he trademarked and patented the hell out of the idea. At an altruistic level, MFA has the ability to change the way we think about the way communities are designed and built—from family homes to hospital rooms and more. In other words, build structures in such a way that, with the flip of a switch, they can literally be lifted out of harm’s way, so that the potential ravages of earthquakes and floods will no longer hold sway over the inhabitants and occupants.

That briefly sums up our vision for what MFA can do. It’s a big dream, we know. And it’s long term. But we believe in its possibility . . . and its promise.

The hoverboard is simultaneously fascinating and exhilarating. The enabling technologies for its success have been in existence, but no one had yet been able to align them to give rise to a hoverboard (“rise to a hoverboard” . . . heh, that was easy). Hendo has done so, and our hoverboards are working in almost every way we could have imagined. The magic behind the hoverboard lies in its disc-shaped hover engines. These engines induce an opposing magnetic field in the surface substrate below that provides lift, levitating our board off the ground.

While the Hendo hoverboard is primarily intended to be human-driven, the technology that gives it stability can also be used to drive it via remote control by altering the projected force on the surface underneath it. Right now we use commonly available metals in simple sheets to give the hoverboard “flight”, but we are working on new compounds and new configurations to maximize our technology and minimize costs.

We know we’re still discovering all kinds of things about The Hendo hoverboard in particular and hovering technology in general. We look forward to sharing them as they become a reality.