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Crossthelimits - dietary supplements for every athlete

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Crossthelimits is a store which offers various supplements for athletes. Thanks to them athletes can supplement vitamins, minerals and macronutrients in their bodies to improve their performance during training.

This is especially recommended for people who actively work out at the gym, building their dream silhouette.

Citrulline - an aid in building the body of your dreams

Citrulline is a dietary supplement, which is very helpful in building the body of your dreams. Many athletes who not only work out at the gym, but also do other sports take citrulline regularly. It is said to be a so-called nitric oxide booster II. Its action is based on a direct effect on blood vessels, leading to the expansion of their lumen. This allows blood to better flow to specific muscles that are being worked hard during a given exercise. Citrulline ensures that muscles are supplied with all essential nutrients, while at the same time giving a vascularising effect that many athletes like. Put simply, you can see the veins when you exercise, which improves the effect of a trim figure.

Citrulline is an amino acid which participates in the urea cycle. Its task is to remove unnecessary metabolic products which the body does not need. However, in the cycle right after citrulline there is arginine, which also dilates blood vessels. Together with the nitric oxide booster it gives a double muscle pump effect.

Citrulline - safe dosage

Dietary supplements like citrulline need to be handled properly. We are talking about the dosage of citrulline, which should be between 2-6 grams per day. Most often citrulline is taken 30 minutes before a given training unit. Often in many citrulline preparations, additional stimulating ingredients like caffeine or taurine are added so that the supplement acts as a pre-workout at the same time.