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How Face AR Revolutionizes the TikTok-Like Industry of Short Videos

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Today, social networks are not only a virtual platform for communicating with people around the world and an easy way to have fun. They are also great platforms for implementing your creative and business ideas. And often one is inextricably linked to the other.

More and more companies are looking at social media as an effective tool to promote their products. For this purpose, a well-thought-out marketing strategy is being built with the involvement of certain experts. After all, many social networks have long had a certain set of rules for doing business and without this knowledge, the time and money allocated to an advertising campaign will be wasted. 

But also social networks have become a real klondike for people with creative potential. New technology has made it possible to show your creative nature in all its manifestations. Imagination is the only limitation for users. That's why more and more artists, dancers, singers and other creative personalities share their talent in social networks and entertain their subscribers. And TikTok has become the best platform for this.

For several years in a row, this social network, which is based on short videos, has been one of the leaders in attracting new users. Many experts believe that soon TikTok will easily overtake Instagram for popularity. And this is primarily due to the successful introduction of augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies into the app, including face filter SDK.

Below you can find out how the TikTok app went before reaching its colossal success, how Face AR technology has changed the rules of the game for creators and video makers, and how and where to create cool augmented reality masks for social media. 

TikTok success story 

Back in 2014, TikTok, or rather Douyin ( that is the name this social network is known by in the Chinese market) was an unknown platform. But already in 2016, the software took over the smartphones of Chinese teenagers. First of all, a user-friendly interface, which provided the opportunity to easily edit short videos, brought the success the social network. Also, the cutting of popular music, which was overlaid over the music, contributed to the popularity of TikTok. But most of all, users were attracted by the huge number of creative and high-quality stickers and animations. In other words, those effects that are created with the help of augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence. 

That's why the international version of the social network we all know as TikTok, launched in 2018, has rapidly risen to the top spot in the world for app downloads on the iPhone. Today, TikTok already has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide and is a leader in attracting marketing investment. Famous tiktokers are becoming real celebrities in the world of show business. The importance of TikTok has been reflected in the music industry as well. Now the charts of popular songs are formed not by music experts, but by TikTok users.

The Face AR Revolution in TikTok

The idea of short entertaining videos back in 2014 was not new. Social networks like Snapchat, Vine or Dubsmash have been popularizing this type of content for almost a decade. But why exactly has TikTok become so popular? The answer lies in the use and implementation of augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies into the app. With the help of the first one, bright, creative and high-quality effects and stickers were developed, and with the help of the second one - an effective algorithm of content recommendation. In this way, users had more opportunities to generate creative and unique content and successfully gain popularity among the millions of subscribers. 

The peculiarity of TikTok is that different themes, animations and masks are available not only when using a selfie camera, they are part of the video editor, which is built right into the software. Therefore, on this platform, the virtual mask is not a way to cover up your flaws, but it becomes an active tool to augment reality to make your content more creative and attractive. 

The collection of effects in TikTok is regularly updated. You can find funny and amusing masks as well as complex color correction effects that can compete with professional video editors in quality. 

What are the main advantages of this application? Here are the most outstanding ones: 

  1. Ease of use. You don't need to use any other software to create a 15-second video. All the tools you need for video processing are already here. 
  2. Quality and realistic beauty filters. If the user does not want to show his face or would like to fix some details in his appearance, he can easily do it with masks. It is possible to apply virtual makeup to the face, retouch the skin in life mode, add animation or decorations.
  3. High-quality content. Every content maker in TikTok has access to high-quality effects that emphasize and complement reality. 
  4. Interactivity. Filters and masks that change with screen taps, gestures, or facial expressions have been gaining popularity recently. This provides additional opportunities to create interesting and creative content. 

As it becomes clear, TikTok is already a trendsetter in the development of face filter SDK technologies. Augmented reality tools are attracting more and more attention every day and require constant development. They have become the main key to the revolution of short videos in social networks. 


When a Face Mask SDK Is a Right Fit for Business

If you can't find a suitable mask in TikTok or you have an idea to create a new animation effect, it's quite real to achieve this. There are many different software and solutions with artificial intelligence technology where you can create your own filter. But one of the most convenient and advanced SDKs is Banuba. With this tool, you can use artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology to create a new mask for selfies. 

The AR SDK will easily smooth out your facial skin, remove pimples, under-eye bags, apply makeup, and retouch your image. All settings can be customized to your liking. The main advantage of Banuba is that its technology can be integrated into your own IOS or Android apps as well as web apps. For example, it can be used for video conferencing, live streaming, or integrated into social networks like TikTok and successfully promote your content to a potential audience.