Monday, 25 May 2015 10:18

The kitchen of 2025

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 Technological advancement is something normal for us. In fact, anyone who was born in the late twentieth century, is accustomed to the fact that every day new facilities are being created in every industry. Each day computers and cars are being improved and we enjoy the increasing standard of living and ease of doing certain things.

 This large improvement also concerns our apartment. We no longer have to run around with a manual vacuum cleaner – we can just release a special robot that will vacuum and wash the floor by itself. A deadbolt on the door? It’s something obsolete, replaced by top class anti-burglary alarms. And the kitchen? When we enter it, we have before us smart appliances that can create a shopping list by themselves and send it by e-mail or text message. The oven adjusts the cooking temperature by itself.

When we realize the extent of this progress, we begin to wonder in which direction the world will go in ten years. A group of students decided to answer this question. They created a design and a model of the kitchen of 2025. This was all part of the special #IKEATemporary campaign. The project can be seen at the Milan for the World Expo.

What kind of conveniences do you think may appear in ten years’ time? Share your thoughts in the comments!