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Friday, 22 May 2020 09:41

The Various kinds of Vehicle Wheels

It is really a priority to possess traction as well as stopping energy, no matter the elements conditions by which you are traveling. Selecting the correct tires for the vehicle as well as your climate will help you get the very best performance from your driving.

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Manufacturers of armoured vehicles create innovative cars impress not only with the level of protection they provide, but also their appearance and functionality. It is hardly surprising that more and more people are fascinated by these types of cars. And the richest customers can afford to buy them.

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Thursday, 10 January 2019 14:14

Production Of The Mclaren P1™ Comes To An End

The final chapter in the production of the McLaren P1™ has now been written as the 375th and final example was completed, bringing the curtain down on the most technologically advanced and dynamically accomplished supercar ever made.

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The Q by Aston Martin bespoke personalisation service is celebrating the fulfilment of a longstanding ambition for sports car enthusiast and businessman Markus Storck. Dr Matthew Bennett, General Manager of VIP sales

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Tuesday, 07 July 2015 16:23

The head turning. Heart pounding Ford Mustang

The heart and soul of this beast live in the 5.2L V8 engine with a flat-plane crank that produces over 500 horsepower. Bolted to a world-class TREMEC® 3160 6-speed manual transmission and you end up producing more than 400 lb.-ft. of torque.

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Monday, 11 May 2015 08:25

Even more excitement from Volvo Cars

Do you remember when Jean-Claude Van Damme made his bloodcurdling split over two speeding trucks? This ad showed us that Volvo not only strives to make its ads show the reliability of its cars, but also to arouse excitement. What awaits us this time?

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Monday, 18 July 2016 14:05

Check luxury Jaguar XF

Sheer driving pleasure doesn’t need to cost the earth. The multi award-winning XF’s innovative design and refined engineering deliver performance without compromising on fuel efficiency. Meanwhile an extensive range of intuitive technologies makes it as much a joy to drive as to behold.

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Friday, 09 September 2016 14:52

Exclusive Ford Mustang

As a child growing up in the small Scottish town of Dumfries, Moray Callum, Ford’s vice president of design, was obsessed with cars. He plastered his room with brochures and posters he gathered by writing to car companies near and abroad. Still, Moray had never seen the legendary Ford Mustang, other than a glimpse of it in the Bond movie Goldfinger, until the day he attended some car races outside Edinburgh.

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