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Meet the astonishing villas in Mykonos…

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«“Mykonos Estates” can fulfill your dreams, your desires & all your demands».This is the motto of the company. And of course, everyone can feel a little bit better when he knows that he will maybe reach the paradise, even for a short time. However, let’s have a look at this company which is the leader in its section since 1995.

Mykonos Estates handles all types of real estate, Commercial, Residential, and Land. Palkogianni & Associates have done, for sure, a great job.

At first, think about the island. When we talk about Mykonos, we talk about happiness, fun, sea, sun & relax at the same time. The best place for holidays, so, the best choice if you want to rent or to buy a villa.

There is a wide range of properties to choose what you desire. The places are all carefully selected in order to cater your demands. Are you dreaming of a huge modern building? Then you know to whom you must address. Do you need a smaller picturesque building? Mykonos Estates is the answer again. Luxury never misses. It’s part of the philosophy of the company. Luxury comes first. Comfort is also one of the most important values. When you feel like a “king”, you must feel relaxed, too. Wake up in the morning, have your breakfast, swim in the pool which is “united” to the sea and the sky and feel free like a bird. And in the afternoon, enjoy the idyllic sunsets from the terrace of your villa. Take astonishing photos with your camera and memorize the stunning views that they will pass in front of your eyes.

Concerning the provided services, just ask what you love & it will be instantly delivered. The experienced staff will be more than pleased to serve each one separately. Privet jet & helicopter rentals, transportation, security services, yacht charter and home management are among the supplied services.

Invest now in the dream, in the easeFind Article, in the luxury & the myth. Live like a God without hesitations & without limits. Feel the difference and set the pace of your own life.

“Mykonos Estates” is ready to fulfill all your needs. Even the exigent ones! The challenge makes us superior.

Contact the office & open the doors to your personal paradise.