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Monday, 18 May 2015 15:55

Birds of Paradise – The opulent new jewellery collection created by Hinna Azeem

An exotic range of bright rings, colourful bracelets, beautiful earrings and vibrant necklaces. Nearing the end of the 17th Century, an explorer once known to many travelled the world in search of its greatest beauties. He was a pioneer, an inquisitor, who wanted nothing more than for the whole of Europe to enjoy his wondrous relics.

­In his quest to find the greatest natural beauty, he happened upon a land west of the Coral Sea. On this island he unearthed 39 of the most exquisite creatures to grace the Earth, the Birds of Paradise. Their colour, sophistication and elegance is something truly unique to these unusual creatures.

The explorer brought back plumes as a reminder of their beauty. Each feather was highly sought by the aristocrats of London, all wanting to possess a piece of the world’s natural beauty. Hinna Azeem has captured the mesmerising beauty of the exotic birds and intertwined that with her history of expressive culture and her love of modern British styles. The range comprises of 18 karat gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All of these pieces feature the most beautiful gemstones carefully sourced from around the globe. From Ethiopian opals, tea pink morganites, rare white/black diamonds to vibrant yellow sapphires.

Blue Bird of Paradise
Feathery plumes of gold and white diamonds delicately show off the tantalising Ethiopian opal.


Geater Bird of Paradise
Perpetually in flight, these earrings shine brighter than the rest with eye catching citrine and shimmering white diamonds.

Like the Birds of Paradise we want our women to look and feel ‘out of this world’. Each piece has taken inspiration from an exotic bird, incorporating the bird’s flagrant colour and appeal. In keeping with the birds visual awe, Hinna has incorporated gold into the collection, emulating the birds luminescent feathers that when shone in the light, reflect spectacular golden beams.

About Hinna:

Exactly like the early explorers, this fascination with wondrous relics and their stories has been passed down from generation to generation in her family. Hinna is a descendant of the royal Kayani tribe who ruled Persia and adorned the luxurious Kiani crown. In WWII Hinna’s grandmother would patiently await the arrival of her husband to see which gem had been bought back. She spent her childhood in gold jewellers watching her mother melt her gold and recreate her favourite design. Today, she explores the world like a modern day Indiana Jones to find the most amazing gemstones. She seamlessly fuses these precious stones with her royal heritage to create magnificent jewellery fit for every woman and queen.

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