Wednesday, 04 February 2015 16:31

Christophe & Co Unveils Pininfarina Designed Smart Bracelet

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Self-charging technology – where batteries in devices like watches can be topped up through movement and kinetic energy – has been around for some time, though we’re yet to see it reach the mainstream market. The new Armill bracelet from luxury jewelry supplier Christophe & Co features self-charging as one of its key features, though only the wealthiest of clients are going to be able to afford it.

Small rotors inside the wearable use the movement of the owner’s wrist to generate power and store up reserves – its maker says that with regular use, the battery won’t ever need to be recharged or replaced. This isn’t a device that’s going to be sucking up a lot of juice in the first place, however, as there’s no display to power.

What it does offer is a stylish aesthetic created by the Pininfarina design team in Italy (known for its work with Ferrari) and one-touch communication with a personal valet. Christophe & Co says that the Bluetooth and NFC technology embedded into the bracelet will enable the device to be used to verify the wearer’s identity and gain access to events, make payments and unlock security systems. The hardware module inside the Armill can be upgraded to add more features in the future, the company says.
The bracelets are made in Britain from a carbon fiber inner frame and high-end materials such as 18k gold and ceramics. Christophe & Co is emphasising that each Armill can be specifically customized by the buyer to add the materials, engravings and features required. The name Armill, meanwhile, was chosen because of its connotations with bracelets worn by kings and queens.

And the price? You can choose from $75,000, $93,000 or $149,000 models, which come with one, two or three years’ access to Christophe & Co’s concierge service (the assistant you can summon with a press on your Armill). All of a sudden, a $5,000 Apple Watch doesn’t seem quite so extravagant in comparison.