Friday, 24 April 2015 10:17

Dior Bright Eyes

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The new Eye Reviver palette puts the spotlight on the art of Nude, with a selection of six fresh shades that structure and light up the eyes. "The style of our time is both natural and simple", wrote Christian Dior in his autobiography Dior by Dior. It was with this in mind that the Eye Reviver palette from the Backstage Pros range was created, as an homage to the art of Nude.

Developed and used backstage at the House's fashion shows, it gives the Dior woman the possibility of having professional expertise available at her fingertips on a daily basis. A range of beiges serves to illuminate the eyelid, before it's structured with taupe and pinkish-gray eye shadows. Brown and a black cream liner emphasize the full effect, for a customized look. A full applicator set – eyeliner, sponge and "sculpt and blend" brush – allows the wearer to perfectly apply the different shades. And so Dior beauty is reinvented in the shadow of a powdery modernity, where intensity and sobriety combine in the blink of an eye.