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Friday, 23 June 2017 13:00

La Resolution in Las Vegas

La Resolution is one of the best beers available in a prestigious pub in Las Vegas. Perfect in its flavour, sweet and deep. It goes perfectly with the dishes served there. It emphasises the taste of real burgers, seafood, warm snacks.

The offer for customers of the pub lacked something sweet and homemade, which in combination with Unibroue beer would taste great. As a result of this need, it was decided to conduct an experiment. It would involve creating popular brownies whose base would consist of traditional sweet chocolate-, caramel- or toffee-flavoured beer. The result exceeded the expectations of its creators. The brownies proved to be extremely tasty and very original. Now no one imagines tasting Unibroue beer without them.

We invite you to watch a short video from Las Vegas, which will let you experience that atmosphere. You will see a lively pub and laughing, happy people. Feel the vibe of the pub and taste the unique flavour, sweetness and depth of the traditional La Resolution beer. Move to a place where you can be sure to relax and delight your palate.

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