Thursday, 30 April 2015 11:25

Win a bracelet for your mom!

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Mother's Day is a unique opportunity to show your mom how much you love her. It’s worth getting her a nice gift for this occasion. You can search for beautiful flowers and tasty chocolates, but it’ll be much better if you’ll consider Trollbeads jewellery!

Trollbeads is a brand with over forty years of tradition of producing unique jewellery based on beads. Twenty-five top designers from Denmark and around the world have worked on developing the brand and presenting us, the customers, with something original - remarkable jewellery made from high quality materials.
Trollbeads decided to meet the expectations of customers, and have just released a luxury jewellery collection dedicated to mothers. Beautiful bracelets with a flowery motif, original sets of rings and beads with which you can create a beautiful gift yourself, are just part of their offer.
However, Trollbeads offers even more - today you can win a bracelet for your mother worth over $150. All you have to do is post your favourite photo with your mom on Instagram. It could from some family event or a photo made spontaneously – you decide which moment is the most special! And after you post the photo - do not forget to add: #trollbeads and #storyofmom. Maybe you’ll be the one who will win this unique bracelet?