Friday, 15 February 2019 09:11

Your favorite washing machine

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The upcoming Olympic Games in Toronto will attract up to 10,000 athletes, representatives from the world of sport and coaches. However, it’s the athletes who devote the most time to prepare for this event.

Daily workouts, weekly competitions, extracurricular sessions at the gym and morning jogging – this is how most of their lives look like. The viewers might wonder they manage to find time for their family and to relax, or to perform mundane tasks such as cleaning and doing the laundry?

Maytag decided to invite the famous sports star Vanessa Riopel for an interview, to ask her how her life looks like now. Vanessa admitted that she spends almost the entire day on training, and besides that, she has to do the laundry. Athletes must change their clothes many times more often than others. This applies to both amateur athletes and professionals. They don’t have time to wait until the laundry is dry, usually because they want to wear their washed clothes again. How do they manage it? They use the modern Maytag washer-dryer, which can in a very short time wash, dry and refresh even the dirtiest clothes. The washing machine easily prepares a sports outfit for competitions, which simply has to be spotlessly clean.