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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 16:57

Cuirs Bentley - innovative travel bags

One of the essential elements of preparing for your departure is the search for new luggage. Usually it turns out that the bag we used on previous trips is not in a good state. Unfortunately, before your next holiday you have to bear the additional cost of purchasing a new one. Can this be avoided?

We all know how our luggage is treated by airport staff. Nobody has the time to handle it with care, that’s why bags often begin to deteriorate after the first trip. It shouldn’t be a surprise, after all, it survived thousands of kilometres, lots of falls and had to handle the weight of other luggage on top of it. The recipe to stop continually spending money on new luggage is to buy one proper bag.

Cuirs Bentley - bags that will survive everything

Cuirs Bentley is a brand of innovative travel bags, made from modern materials that are resistant to pressure, falls, tensions and any kind of mechanical damage. They have stable and durable locks, and an interior that can accommodate up to half of your home. An unconventional system of compartments enables packing many items, though at first glance it might seem impossible. Cuirs Bentley bags also provide innovative solutions. Can you imagine what a great advantage it is to have a built-in charger for your iPhone in your bag? Just plug the cable into the bag without opening it.

Be sure to check out the latest collection, which will surprise you with the shapes and colours of the bags. Travel suitcases has never been so stylish.

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