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Luxury Skincare Le lift de Chanel

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Because the skin's youthfulness is defined by an individuals background more than by age or genetics, CHANEL creates LE LIFT. A range of intelligent anti-ageing skincare products in sync with the background of every woman.


The effectiveness of LE LIFT is ensured by an exclusive* natural active ingredient that is purer, more powerful and more concentrated than ever, resulting from 12 years of research:** 3.5-DA.

3.5-DA senses the background of your skin. As the years pass, the skin is influenced by emotions and the stress of daily life, its youth mechanisms slow down. 3.5-DA neutralises the action and regulates the number of miRs, at the first signs of skin ageing. The production of youth proteins is reactivated.

After one month of application, your skin regains suppleness, strength and elasticity. Features appear lifted, even deep wrinkles are smoothed.

Based on women's needs and the art of formulation by CHANEL, the three LE LIFT textures provide an exceptional sensorial experience. They correspond to all skin types, deliver the best anti-ageing performance and adapt to each season.

The texture of the Crème Fine: fresh, light and melting.

A customized anti-ageing skincare product that adapts to the background of your skin.

Your lifestyle, emotions and environment influence the youthfulness and vitality of your skin even more than your genes do. Intensely correcting, LE LIFT Sérum continuously diffuses the power of two active ingredients exclusive to LE LIFT line.
• Continuous 12-hour smoothing and tensing action.
• The epidermis regains its thickness and density.
• Contours are redefined and more toned.
• The skin is firmer, as if plumped from within.
• The skin texture and wrinkles are smoothed.
• An exclusive active ingredient dedicated to LE LIFT line: 3.5-DA.* This ingredient, both highly concentrated and remarkably pure introduced through 12 years of research**, can help regulate the function of cells at the genetic level and adapts to the needs of each individual.

*An exclusive ingredient developed for CHANEL based on a patented technology. In vitro tests.
**Research conducted by a partner.

An innovative 10-day targeted program that helps restructure and resculpt the eye area. The appearance of crow’s feet and under-eye wrinkles are corrected while puffiness and dark circles are visibly reduced. An intensive 2 step treatment: first, an ultra-concentrated restructuring eye serum in the roll-on applicator and then, eye patches with an ultra-moisturizing hydrogel base to revive and smooth the delicate eye area.
The lasting revolumizing effect occurs in record time:
21.4% increase in firmness after 10 days*
15.3% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles after 10 days**
24.8% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles after 10 days *

*Clinical test conducted on 31 women – average percentage improvement after 10 days of treatment.
** Instrumental test conducted on 22 women – average percentage variation in the surface area of wrinkles after 10 days of treatment.
• The eye serum contains ananti-puffiness/anti-dark circles complex composed of purified peptides andyeast proteins that improves blood circulation to improve tone and firmness.
•Lipopeptides reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
•The ADHESIODERM 3D specific complex increasesfirmness.