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Thursday, 04 June 2015 09:22

What makes a good washing machine?

 Modern automatic washing machines offer many possibilities and are perfectly suited for making even the dirtiest clothes impeccably clean. They are equipped with a variety of programs, which adapt to the requirements of each type of material. However, for many of us, these functions are not enough and do not meet all our requirements.

 What should a good washing machine have?

A good washing machine should not only have a good appearance, but above all should thoroughly wash. The best models are those that allow washing at low temperatures with a very good final result. Such washing does not damage the material and enables you to enjoy the clothes for many years. The most demanding customers expect something more from washing machines. They require them to wash fast, and ideally even to dry their clothes. Impossible? It isn’t!

Maytag has introduced modern washer-dryers that meet even the most demanding requirements. They perfectly clean all types of clothing and thoroughly remove every kind of dirt. Vanessa Riopel had a chance to find out, throwing into a new Maytag washing machine her unimaginably large pile of dirty sports clothes. Take a look at the new campaign, which she agreed to take part in.

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