Thursday, 22 June 2017 00:36

A weekend for the active in Quebec

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active in Quebec active in Quebec

The upcoming weekend, November 27-28, is a great opportunity to visit Quebec. Especially for people who like to spend their free time in an unconventional way and their passion is sport.

During this time there will be three major events, everyone will find something for themselves. The first one is the finals of the college football league. Intense emotions are guaranteed. There will be even more adrenaline during the world class boxing gala.

There is one more event that is worth mentioning. The Red Bull Crashed Ice Contest is a combination of crazy sporting events with fun and excitement. This highly original contest will be held once again on the streets of Quebec. Within a few years it has gained a loyal fan base. How has this happened? See for yourself – check out the video, which presents the contenders of the races. Crashes, collisions, jumps and an amazing array of lights. Players ride down a track resembling a downhill course and reach breakneck speeds of up to 60 km per hour. Watching them is a thrilling experience. What’s more, the track is surrounded by the beautiful views of the streets of Quebec. It's all waiting for you, if you just decide to watch the video. In a week you could be watching these amazing events live.